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Welcome to Fullstack IT,


We specialize in IT solutions & financial data analytics, we create calculation models, ad-hoc reporting, management reporting or combine and analyze different data sources. 

  • Reporting Are your reports not accurate? Maybe you need reports on a more frequent base or are your current reporting systems not providing you with the information to make important decisions? We can offer custom reporting solutions, or we can integrate reporting in to the systems your organization is working with.
  • Large Excel files If you are working with large models, the productivity of your business will be slowed down drastically. We offer solutions to help bring your models up to speed and increase productivity and automate processes.
  • Consolidation of data Are you dealing with many models or input sheets from different departments? We can offer solutions for ad-hoc consolidations and also automation if this would be a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly process.
  • Analytics Do you want to explore new markets and sell new products? We can help you analyze which products will be most profitable and explore markets in new segments.


Contact us or email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Combine Intelligence

Share data within your organisation to give new insights

Data Modelling

Different views give different thoughts.

Management Reporting 

Dashboards for decision making.

Scientific Extra- & Interpolations, including machine learning

Forcasting based on historical data and future developments.

Excel Solutions and ERP Integration

Increase speed in your current Excel models.

Scalable Model Views

Drill down to the deepest levels of your data.