Automated Management Reporting, Presentations & Analytics.

FS IT specializes in automating management reporting, presentatios and creating data models. We support HFM, Oracle JDE DAS, Adaptive Insights / Netsuite, Pyhton, Excel Macro's and PowerPoint automation. We also develop custom tools and prepare large datasets for scheduled uploads or can provide the needed analytics to leverage your business.

Automated Management Reporting

We can provide custom scheduled reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition to the above - we create dashboards which give you the option to run the needed reports ad-hoc. Please contact us for more information.

Data Models

Do you need a more detailed view on specific parts of your business or do you want to run different scenario's on your current sales forecasting or budgeting submissions. Please contact us for you specific requirements.


We specialize in preparing large datasets for scheduled uploads, developing customs tool and applications. Please contact us for more information, we can support you in the full process from the drawing board until implementation.

Contact Information

+31 6 47 902 707 | | Amsterdam